December 6, 2022

Marketing Your Mobile App On Facebook

You’ve finally launched your app, well done! Now comes the hard part - growing your user base. There are millions of apps available in app stores, why should consumers download yours and not a competitor’s? That’s where good marketing comes into play. If it isn’t already, promoting your mobile app on Facebook should be a core pillar of your marketing strategy.

As discussed in our article,  social media marketing (SMM) when implemented effectively is an incredible tool for acquiring users and Facebook is no exception. Having 2.93 billion monthly active users in 2022 so far, it remains one of the most important sources for brand building, communication and digital marketing. 

Why promote your mobile app on Facebook?

Building a loyal following is the key to a successful app  - customers who recognise the value that your app brings and are willing to pay a fee or subscription for that value. Building that following, however, is easier said than done. The opportunity to market your app to Facebook’s global advertising audience of 2.16 billion users makes it well worth your time, though. 

Full-service Facebook

Of all the digital marketing platforms out there, Facebook is the only one that allows you to target your audiences at every stage of the customer life cycle. 

Facebook helps to increase your app’s digital footprint and stand out to catch potential users’ attention; it increases traffic to your website/app store location. Facebook can also target users based on their beliefs, values and goals (something called psychographic targeting) which, when used in conjunction with demographic selection, can produce incredible results for you and your app!


Facebook gives you access to the most potential customers of any social media platform (SMP).

Here’s what the latest data tells us:

  • The number of people who use Facebook daily (DAUs) as of July 2022 is  1.968 billion
  • 67% of account holders log in to Facebook each day 
  • The average global user spends 1 hour a day on Facebook (or 7% of their waking hours) 
  • Both time spent on the platform and DAUs have increased year-over-year

Let’s finish this section by putting the number of MAUs (2.93bn) into perspective. That’s nearly 5X the population of the United States alone, and approximately 20% of the world’s population. 

It’s clear to see that Facebook is a marketing platform that boasts a lot of potential in terms of audience reach and engagement. But how exactly do you go about measuring the performance of marketing strategies you put into place on Facebook?

How can Adjust level up your Facebook marketing?

Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company. Their smart business platform combines advertising measurement with an advanced analytics suite. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook to give you the insights you need to leverage the value that Facebook’s platform can deliver.

Why Adjust?

As an app marketer, you need to be razor focused on getting as much valuable information about your current and potential customers as you can. Do you know who you’re looking to target? What languages do they speak? What are their demographics? What are their values and beliefs? What do they like about your app? 

Integrating Adjust with Facebook helps you get all of this information, allowing you to monitor your Facebook ad data and analytics, calculate ROA (return on ad spend), track marketing and optimise marketing campaigns, all while protecting user data.


Adjust’s analytics and insights help you get a clearer sense of your end users in terms of their motivations, where they’re at in the customer journey and what will convert them from leads into customers. Having this intelligence and visibility at your fingertips will help you and your team make smarter marketing decisions.


Get unrestricted access to features that make it easier to measure your ad performance. Optimising campaigns and identifying your most valuable users are essential to successful Facebook marketing. 

Adjust understands and caters to that. With built-in automation, Adjust streamlines routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on developing creative campaigns that will scale your reach.

More secure

Your customers want to know that their data is safe and Adjust offers this assurance. Their rigorous data protections adhere to the world’s most stringent privacy regulations. Your campaigns are fully protected from fraudsters with Adjust.

Don’t forget about day-to-day customer engagement

We’ve covered all there is to know about marketing on Facebook and why Adjust is the ideal solution for app marketers and developers looking to scale their apps. But these marketing efforts, while vital, need engagement to maximise their effects. 

Engaging directly with your customers on Facebook through comments, reactions and responses will show the “human” aspect of your brand that’s an integral part of building an online presence for marketing purposes. 

We’ll help you build the Facebook marketing strategy your app needs

At Appic we have extensive experience in marketing mobile apps on Facebook, from campaign creation to execution and measurement. If you need a little guidance on how to create a Facebook marketing strategy that will grow your user acquisition, improve user retention and drive brand awareness, contact us and we’ll show you how we can help.

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