January 1, 2023

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Mobile App

With more than a billion users around the world, Instagram is one of the most widely accessed social media platforms out there. Marketing your app on Instagram is an essential aspect of a comprehensive and effective social media marketing strategy. 

It can help you widen your app’s visibility and attract new users, as well as interact with current users. But, simply creating a business page for your app is not enough. 

Instagram has enormous marketing potential and should form part of your social media marketing strategy. However, the massive volume of content that users consume from both business and personal profiles daily means that your app could quickly disappear in users’ content feeds. 

If you want your marketing efforts to drive conversions and downloads, you need to apply a considered and razor-sharp approach to cut through the noise and capture user attention. Find out what approaches you can take to effectively market your mobile app on Instagram.

How to leverage Instagram for marketing your app

Harness your bio for information and redirection

There are approximately 200 million active business profiles on Instagram, so users wading through these accounts aren’t likely to spend too much time deciding if your app is relevant to them. This makes it all the more important to catch their attention within the first few seconds before they click away. You can do this with an attention-grabbing bio section.

Use your bio to share key information relating to your app, including:

  • What it does
  • How it benefits the user
  • What operating systems it works on
  • A CTA with a link to your download page
  • One or two emojis to make your bio attention-grabbing

Use Instagram videos

Thanks to platforms like Tik Tok, short-form video content has skyrocketed in popularity and businesses are quickly catching onto the marketing potential they offer. Research from Hubspot has found that 89% of businesses are planning to budget for short-form videos as part of their marketing strategy in 2022. 

You can leverage this too by sharing creative Instagram videos and posting them on your profile. As opposed to static pictures, videos can easily guide a user through your app or demonstrate its benefits more interactively and drive user engagement. You can also share these videos in your Instagram stories and build larger story themes around different aspects of your app, such as tutorials, benefits and useful tips.

Partner with influencers

To drive more traffic to your Instagram page and help to build awareness about your app, partnering with influencers can be extremely effective. Research shows that social media users trust the opinion of influencers as much as their friends and family members. Influencers who have considerable followings can help you to reach a wider audience and attract users you might not have otherwise reached. 

Being very selective about which influencers you partner with can ensure you’re targeting the right audience. Do some research into niche influencers whose followers might potentially be interested in your app, and ask them for past metrics on how their brand endorsement campaigns have performed.

Encourage user installs with ad campaigns

Instagram users see and interact with multiple brands and businesses every day. As a result, their attention spans are shorter, making it harder to win their undivided focus. 

Running ad campaigns that users see on their timelines can be a great way to grab their interest and build a sense of hype around your app. According to a study, Instagram adverts have the potential to reach up to 1.48 billion users, so they should be a vital part of your marketing efforts on the platform.

Invest in in-app customer support and services

As Instagram continues to develop as a business platform for brands and consumers to interact, in-app customer requests and queries have become more common. More users are reaching out to brands directly on Instagram to purchase, ask questions, or come with support requests. 

It’s a good idea to offer customer support and services on your business page, allowing you to regularly engage with current and potential users. You can do this by keeping track of user comments and direct messages and responding to them. Treat each one as a potential lead that could convert into a new user or reinforce existing user loyalty. 


Marketing your app on Instagram is an excellent way to reach a wider, more diverse audience, build brand awareness around your app and engage with your users. It also requires extensive planning, research, measurement and analysis - all of which can take time away from your core processes. 

At Appic, we have ample experience in launching and optimizing Instagram and other social media marketing campaigns to drive app growth and scaling. Find out what your app’s growth potential is with a free app assessment

Chat to us about how we can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals on Instagram and other platforms.

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