December 28, 2022

3 questions to ask yourself when selling your app

You’ve spent countless hours growing, scaling and improving your mobile app and now you’re thinking about selling. App publishers often ask when the right time is to sell - do you need to hit a certain profitability threshold or a certain user base size? 

Deciding when to sell depends entirely on you and it can be a tough decision to make. Selling an app is not an easy process - especially when you consider how hard you’ve worked on it. 

Pinpointing the ideal time to sell is not just about hitting certain performance metrics. It’s about finding the right buyer who respects your vision and sees your app’s potential and will continue to develop it using the groundwork you’ve laid. 

Beyond buyer suitability, an app sale can also go wrong for the seller fairly quickly through unclear contractual clauses and rushed negotiations. To protect yourself as a seller, we’ve outlined 3 essential questions to ask yourself when selling your app that will help you close the sale you deserve. 

3 questions to ask before selling your mobile app

Selling your app is a big deal and the selling process can take months, from the time you list it as being for sale. If you choose to sell directly to a private buyer, you’ll probably meet (and negotiate with) a few potential candidates before settling on what seems like the best one. But, before you sign any contracts or agreements, make sure you ask yourself these questions below.

  1. Who exactly is the buyer?

You may be approached by a private buyer, investor or even an app marketplace, but who are they behind the title? What’s their background and how does their experience relate to your app’s services and value proposition? You want to make sure their vision aligns with your own when it comes to your app’s potential and development. 

On top of this, you need to engage with the buyer and be able to discuss the terms on which you’ll exit, should the sale proceed.  Keep an eye out for buyers who try to bypass those important details to close the sale as quickly as possible - and avoid them. Buyers like these are generally only looking out for their own interests, not yours.

  1. Are they equipped to carry my app into the future?

You may have found a potential buyer who’s expressed interest in your app and is willing to sit and discuss the finer details with you. But this doesn’t mean that they have the background or technical expertise to continue developing and scaling your app. 

As the owner and seller, you have a right to know that the buyer is capable of managing and growing your app successfully. Beyond just taking it over as an owner, they need to understand its infrastructure, source code and have a solid understanding of its market and value positioning. Don’t hesitate to ask that the buyer demonstrates their understanding of your app, including its growth potential.

  1. What are your exit options?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider what your options are for transferring ownership when you sell. You might want to sell and make a clean break, cashing in and moving on immediately. On the other hand, you might want to stay on and gradually transfer ownership, ensuring that everything is running smoothly before you leave.

It’s ideal to find a buyer who can offer you both options, allowing you to choose which exit strategy suits you best. At Appic, we offer a partnership model that allows app sellers to partner and work with us in developing and scaling their apps, before we acquire them. 

Not only does this mean a softer landing for you, but it also allows you to work with a dedicated and experienced team of marketers, developers, and analysts to realise your vision. 

Ready to sell your mobile app?

Whether you decide to sell or partner with Appic, your app’s success and growth potential are in good hands. By partnering with us, you’ll get:

  • Access to extensive marketing, product and development expertise.
  • Ongoing support in development and scaling.
  • The opportunity to get first-hand experience in valuable scaling techniques and processes.
  • An exit strategy that suits your timeline.

We offer a free app evaluation that can help you determine where it's at and where it can go in terms of development and growth. 

Chat to us to discuss your app’s unique requirements and we’ll show you how we can help.

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